Vice Versa Tradução Escrita e Interpretação was set up in 2000 by students from the Translation and Interpretation Course of Associação Alumni,an internationally recognized translation and interpretation course.

At the time its founder, Clarice Guimarães Ferreira, had already been working as a translator for 20 years. Today her experience in translation and interpretation comes to 30 years.

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Clarice Guimarães Ferreira is a Translator and Interpreter with a degree in translation from the Catholic University of São Paulo (Pontifícia Universidade Católica - PUC-SP) and a degree in interpretation from Associação Alumni, the most widely-recognized translation and interpretation course in Brazil. She also trained at InterStudio, where she perfected her simultaneous interpretation technique.

Her expertise encompasses several areas of knowledge. Clarice started her career in the area of Medicine, Nursing and Dentistry at Livraria e Editora Santos publishing house, where she translated books such as Overdentures in General Dental Practice – R. M. Backer, A. Harrison, J.P. Ralph and Otolaryngology for the House Officer – Brian W. Blakley and Richard Swansom.

Her expertise in the area of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering comes from several years working as a translator in Civil Engineering companies such as CBPO, of the Odebrecht Group, and as an Interpreter in Construction Plants such as Fibra DuPont, American National Can and Mercedes through the ETEMA Engineering Office. She has developed terminology papers such as an Engineering Glossary and Equipment Glossary. She also taught an English Course in Heavy Civil Engineering. She has been working for many years in Chemistry, including polymers, plastics, automotive products and agriculture for global leaders in the Chemical Industry.

Clarice also specializes in Agribusiness and Veterinary Medicine, particularly as regards the export of beef, pork and poultry, having translated for over 30 Veterinary missions from the European Union, United States, Canada, and the OIE (the World Animal Health Organization), in slaughterhouses and on farms. She provided simultaneous translation for over 5 HACCP Training Initiatives by the HCG-HACCP Consulting Group. She also developed a comprehensive Agribusiness Dictionary with over 1,000 pages of terminology in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

In Agriculture, soybean, corn, sugar and ethanol, has translated for Brazilian farmers during visits to farms, universities, GMO laboratories and at the Farm Show in the US. She also provides simultaneous interpretation for major international events in the field of sugar and ethanol.

In Telecommunications, she has translated in several events on Pay TV, television, cinema, mobile telephony, call center, and satellites.

In Hotel Management and Gastronomy, she has translated for hotel chains such as Aman Resorts, IHG and Tivolí; as well as to ministers of tourism and cruise liner companies.

In Packaging and Printing, she has translated in several events on packaging, labelling, paper, corrugated cardboard, and packaging design.

In Ecology and Environment, she has translated in several scientific events for FAPESP (BIOEN, Biota, Bioenergy, biodiversity, climate change, and water resources).

She has translated several books such as The Book of Pharaohs, The Book of Transport, The Book of Pizzas and Italian Breads – Sarah Bush, The Book of Sandwiches – Louise Steele, The Book of Antipasti – Lyn Rutherford, A Gourmet’s Guide to Chocolate – Lesley Mackley and Carole Handslip, all of which were published by Editora Manole. She has also translated books on Customer Service, Telephone Service, Sales and What Customers Want.


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