Simultaneous translation is the main focus of Vice Versa Tradução Escrita e Interpretação Ltda.Simultaneous Interpretation is essential for conferences, talks, technical visits to plants, audits, courses, workshops and training activities involving people who speak different languages.

Vice Versa Tradução Escrita e Interpretação has the best team of Interpreters to guarantee excellent real-time communication, respecting specific technical terminology in your area of expertise.All of this so that foreigners and Brazilians can communicate as if speaking the same language.


What is simultaneous translation?

Simultaneous translation is the common name given to simultaneous interpretation or conference interpretation, simultaneous conference interpretation, interpretation in events, simultaneous interpretation in conferences.

Blending the definitions of two important dictionaries of Brazilian Portuguese,  Dicionário Houaiss da Língua Portuguesa and iDicionário Aulete, we came up with the following definition for simultaneous interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation.Translation during lectures, presentations, speeches, classes, training courses, statements, debates from one language into another, performed orally by Interpreters at the exact moment when the speech is given. Usually performed at conferences, conventions, meetings, forums.The audience will listen to the translation through headsets in the language they choose.Also known as simultaneous translation.


Conferences require quality simultaneous interpretation for your message to be conveyed accurately. At Vice Versa Tradução Escrita e Interpretação, we select the Interpreters who are most experienced in the customer’s area of expertise.

Courses and Training Programs

Courses and Training Programs are critical for internal communication in companies. We help your employees make the most of the information given by consultants, coaches and trainers.


Interpreters specializing in the customer’s area of expertise are allocated for internal meetings, interviews and press conferences

Visits to Plants and Audits

Audits require a strictly accurate and ethical translation. Our Interpreters follow all technical and ethical requirements for audits and certification. We offer trained and specialized Interpreters for visits to plants, translation for groups, trade missions, field visits and veterinary missions.


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